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Welcome to Lost Paws Rescue of Texas. We are a network of volunteers devoted to helping abandoned and abused animals find loving homes. Please take a look at our available pets. You might just find the perfect new addition to your family! If you care about animals but you're not looking to adopt right now, you can still make a difference by fostering a homeless cat or dog, or helping out at community events. Find out how you can help by visiting our volunteer page.

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In its first 10 years of operation, Lost Paws Rescue of Texas adopted out 3,632 dogs and cats. By expanding the Lost Paws Foster Farm in Celina, Texas we can save another 4,000 rescues in half the time. You can help! We’re selling 3,632 bricks, one brick per former rescue, at $50 each to build & operate the new facilities. For a $100 donation, receive a surprise gift! To make a purchase, email us for details at  jet@lostpawsbrickinfo.com or click here

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